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146 | The Part of Fortune and Right Timing for Career Shifts: Sue-Kate and Kelly's Chart

Heidi answers two questions -- one about The Part of Fortune and one about the right timing to make a career shift! She also shares a beautiful poem the moment an ordinary day becomes holy ground.

Do you think the part of fortune means anything ... mine made so much sense to me in terms of acting career and playfulness and improv (aquarius! 5th house!) but.... you tell me!!! - Sue Kate


I am currently in an alright job. It pays the bills, my coworkers are nice, and I'm able to do the work well. However, I feel like I can do more. I want to LOVE my job. But, I'm scared to take the risk. What if what I do next is worse than it is here? What if I have to take a pay cut to get into the field I wish to pursue (HR)? I'm nervous to take the jump. Is there a time coming up where taking that jump would make sense? Is it worth the risk? How will I know that the opportunity is right? -Kelly


"Everyday Grace" by Stella Nesanovich

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