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Twelve Astrological Love Letters

One Book for Each Sign of the Zodiac:

A new book series by Heidi, sweet whispers of inspiration to appreciate and grow each sign. Perfect for exploring your sun, moon or rising, or celebrating a loved one.

available in hardcover or paperback.

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Charting Your Course

A Downloadable Digital Workbook

Are you new to astrology or wishing to consolidate what you know?

Charting Your Course is a New Astrological Workbook designed to help you understand your chart more deeply.


What is your note to sound?

What is your greatest offering?

What can you give that is yours, most distinctly, to give?


Astrology is a stunning tool which can offer perspective and guidance.


Use this workbook as a joyous exploration of your astrological chart!


Your Progressed Moon Digital Workbook by
Your Progressed Moon

A Downloadable Digital Workbook

The Progressed Moon spends two to two-and-a-half years in each sign of the zodiac, providing time to explore each of the zodiacal energies throughout our life.


Your Progressed Moon is a downloadable digital workbook designed to help you identify and explore the cycles and themes of the progressed moon throughout your life. 


This workbook purchase includes:

  • A 36 page guide 

  • A custom personal list of your progressed moon throughout your life and 10 years into the future

  • An hour-long instructional video where we dive deep into the Progressed Moon’s journey

  • Activation ideas for each sign

  • An explorative journal for you to print out and fill in with your personal list of your progressed moon


By understanding how we’ve engaged with the energies of each sign in our lives so far, we can consciously call in our next level of growth as we navigate each new chapter.


If you’d like to order an additional custom personal list of the Progressed Moon for your family or friends add it to your order here for $7 per additional list.

Once you've purchased your workbook: 

Fill out this form with your birth info to receive your Personal Progressed Moon list.

Workbook | $28


Additional Progressed Moon List | $7

Moon Note

A Signed Hardcopy

You can now order copies of individual Moon Notes that appear on Heidi's Instagram page (and elsewhere). Heidi will sign your Moon Note and include a little note of love and gratitude. These make beautiful birthday presents, anniversary celebrations, or wedding gifts.

A community of wonderful beings,

interested in learning, loving & growing the light.

The most accessible way to have direct access to Heidi.

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The Radiance Circle

Live, via Zoom


Radiant Friend! Once a month, let’s meet on-line as a radiant community to grow our collective and individual light. This is a circle that uses astrology, poetry and a big, gorgeous community to help us each take our next courageous steps.


We will gather the 4th Sunday of every month from 11-12 pm pacific time. 


This is meant to energize and inspire us for the month ahead. Join me to grow the light.



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Zodiac Love

Self-Paced Classes

Are you ready to dive deep into each sign of the zodiac? Do you want to learn more about your family, friends, lovers, and YOURSELF?

In the full course, we do a thorough investigation of each sign; you may also purchase just your sun, moon & rising signs.


We explore:


  • Each sign in relationship to every other sign of the zodiac

  • How each sign helps the others to evolve

  • The Ruling Planets of each sign - where they are exalted, in detriment, or in their fall (if you don't know what this means, you will!) 

  • The house that each sign governs.

**You will receive a guide for each section and writing prompts for each sign to help you further embody the material.** 

In the full course, you will also receive a Foundations of Astrology crash course where we explore:

  • Astrological Elements

  • Polarities

  • Quadruplicities

  • An introduction to the Planets

Let's explore how to live and grow our Zodiac Love. Each class is devoted to growing our consciousness and compassion around each sign of the zodiac.

These classes are a great way to learn about yourself and your loved ones, and a potent way to deepen your understanding of astrology.


get the full course



$20 each

get individual classes

Want more?

An astrological snapshot is an easy-to-digest custom audio recorded just for you, by Heidi and the Radiant Life Astrology Team. It's a wonderful introduction to your astrological chart and makes a wonderful gift for a friend.

learn about your chart


Each snapshot includes:

a beautiful, easy-to-read image of your natal chart

a list of the positions of each of the relevant planets

(i.e Your Mars is in Libra in the 3rd house)

a personalized, downloadable recording 

created by Heidi or a member of the Radiant Life Astrology Team especially for you.​


Please Note:

Due to the personalized nature of these offerings,

snapshots may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Sun, Moon & Rising Snapshot

8-10 minute personalized recording

(prepared by The Radiant Life Astrology Team)

****Please be sure to fill out this link after purchase****

In order to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here .

In Esoteric Astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the three most important positions; the Rising Sign rules the Soul’s Calling or our purpose in this life. The Sun rules the personality or ‘doing’ self. And the Moon rules our subconscious or unconscious patterns of behavior.


This snapshot will give you a glimpse of the primary energies with which you are working.

***DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND at this time, snapshots are taking up to 3 weeks for delivery. thank you for your patience.***


Transit Snapshot

15 minute personalized recording

(prepared by Heidi)

****Please be sure to fill out this link after purchase*****

In order for Heidi to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here .

This is a chance to ask Heidi a question about any area of your life -- career, relationship or family. All questions are good questions. Heidi will explore where the planets are currently in the heaven and how that is affecting your life right now. She will look at this precise moment as well as the year to come. 

Heidi will also comment on anything that stands out in the birth chart that is resonant with your question.

This snapshot helps you understand the cycles of your life and offers insight about how to best work with these cycles.

(If you are new to astrology, Heidi recommends starting with the Sun, Moon and Rising Snapshot!)

***DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND at this time, snapshots are taking up to 3 weeks for delivery. thank you for your patience.***


Private Astrology Session

Heidi is fully booked for 2021. 


Gift yourself or a friend a 60-minute session, one-on-one (via zoom only until COVID-19 is under control) and completely confidential, recorded and sent to you via email as a downloadable MP3 file. Includes a copy of your astrological chart.​

You will have time to ask any specific questions you have about your life. Whether this is your first astrological reading ever or you are very well-versed in astrology, the scope of our work together will always be tailored to your level of understanding in this field. 


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