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Discover the energies at work in your chart

& offer your greatest gifts to those around you.

Astrology Readings





prepared for you by Heidi's Astrology Team

An astrological snapshot is an easy-to-digest custom audio recorded just for you. It's a wonderful introduction to your astrological chart and makes a wonderful gift for a friend. You have the option to choose an astrologer from our team or we will match you.

Each snapshot includes:

  • a beautiful, easy-to-read image of your natal chart

  • a personalized, downloadable recording created by a member of Heidi's Astrology Team especially for you.​


Please Note:

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to submit your birth information (date, time and place) and other information. 

Due to the personalized nature of these offerings, snapshots may take up to 3 weeks after you submit your birth information for delivery.


Sun, Moon, & Rising

A great place to begin!

In Esoteric Astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the three most important positions; the Rising Sign rules the Soul’s Calling or our purpose in this life. The Sun rules the personality or ‘doing’ self. And the Moon rules our subconscious or unconscious patterns of behavior.


This snapshot will give you a glimpse of the primary energies with which you are working. You will receive an email after purchase with a form to fill out.


Sun Moon Rising.png

The Astrology

Sun, Moon, & Rising Snapshot + Charting Your Course Workbook

We start with the Charting Your Course workbook. In this 46-page guide, you will learn the planets, signs and houses AND how to weave all these elements together to develop a deeper understanding of your unique astrological chart through guided writing exercises. It also includes a printable astrological card deck.


Next we dive deeper into your three most important positions with the Sun, Moon, and Rising Snapshot. You will receive an email after purchase with a form to fill out.


Astrological (1).png


​The next step after a Sun, Moon, & Rising Snapshot.


This is a chance to ask a question about any area of your life -- career, relationship or family. We will explore where the planets are currently in the heavens and how that is affecting your life right now. We will look at this precise moment as well as the year to come. We will also comment on anything that stands out in the birth chart that is resonant with your question.

This snapshot helps you understand the cycles of your life and offers insight about how to best work with these cycles. You will receive an email after purchase with a form to fill out.

(If you are new to astrology, Heidi recommends starting with the Sun, Moon and Rising Snapshot!)


Sun Moon Rising (1).png





Each session is live one-on-one, confidential, recorded and sent to you via email.

Includes a copy of your astrological chart.


Private Sessions

Astrology Reading

A private astrology session can offer clarity, instruction and encouragement about our life's journey. It can remind us that we are part of an intricate tapestry and the cycles of our lives mirror greater cycles at work. We are here to play a part in a symphony being composed over time. What is our note to sound? What is our greatest offering? What can we give that is uniquely ours to give?