Want Heidi to speak at your next event?

Heidi’s talks inspire individuals and organizations to become the most radiant versions of themselves, to offer their gifts, and grow their collective light. Audience members will be motivated, moved, and entertained as Heidi mixes the poetic with the practical, grounding teachings with stories of real world application. 

Choose from a range of topics, customized for your audience:

Talk Topics


The Heart Aflame; The Courage to Live a Radiant Life


Leaving Beauty in Your Wake


The Language of Fire; Poetry on the Burning Ground


The Body Electric 


A Call to Beauty; The Subtle Art of Invocation


Wild Compassion


Practicing Radical Gestures of Love


The Love that Never Ceases


The Radiance Project; Living the Light We Are



For speaking engagements or to bring Heidi to your event, please contact assistant@heidirose.com.