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Want Heidi to speak at your next event?

As a highly regarded astrologer, poet, and retreat leader, Heidi is a sought after keynote speaker. Her style is suitable for large conferences and events as well as intimate corporate sessions and work retreats. Inspirational and moving, Heidi's talks mix the poetic with the practical, grounding teachings with stories of real world application.

Heidi presents on topics that inspire individuals and organizations to become the most radiant versions of themselves, to offer their gifts, and grow their collective light. Choose from a range of topics, customized for your audience.

Popular Topics                                                                                                                                                                        

The Courage to Live a Radiant Life                                     The Body Electric

Leaving Beauty in Your Wake                                               The Subtle Art of Invocation 

Poetry on the Burning Ground                                             Wild Compassion

Recent Events

Netflix, workshop - virtual, LA/NYC

Tractor Beam Productions/Station Eleven, work retreat - California

Glennon Doyle/Together Rising, work retreat - California

Cal Tech Childrens Center, work retreat - California

TEDx Olympic Boulevard Women, keynote poet for 2 years - California

Council Grove Conference, keynote speaker - Kansas

Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham/Playing House Season 3 - keynote address

Be Golden Conference, opening poetry - Indiana

Tiny Book Fair, keynote speaker - virtual

USR Conference, keynote speaker - Arizona

Jane Club, talk - California

Host of Vibrations: The Symphony of Life documentary

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