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Everyday Radiance

Inspired by Heidi's Moon Notes on Instagram, Everyday Radiance: 365 Zodiac Prompts for Self-Care and Self-Renewal is a daily dose of astrological encouragement that inspires us all to use the energies available to us in the most conscious, proactive, productive ways we can. Published by Chronicle Books.


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One Book for Each Sign of the Zodiac:

Twelve Love Letters

TEDx: I Know A Woman Who

An invitation, a celebration, a truth telling and a call to gather.

TEDx: Revolutionary in Disguise

"The only thing to do with sadness is to introduce it to indestructible beauty."

This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty

This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty asks us in a myriad of ways to follow the greatest love and light in our lives.

It invites us to soften our edges and experience beauty, intimacy and daring.

Wild Compassion

A collection of poetry and prose exploring the journey from inner obstruction to increased freedom. We are all on a journey towards greater expression, fulfillment and a fuller expression of love. Let these poems open your heart to self forgiveness and deeper compassion. 


Read a piece each morning. Share with a friend. See what wakes up in you as you read the poems and prose aloud.


The Poetry of Heidi Rose Robbins

The Poetry of Heidi Rose Robbins

The Poetry of Heidi Rose Robbins