A retreat from daily life.


A retreat out of our habits, our patterns, our routines.

Poetry. Astrology. Art. Beauty. Writing. Ritual. Movement. Food.

Join a circle of compassionate humans.

Remarkable souls who are committed to growing.

Committed to moving with patience and grace to greater freedom in their lives.

Leave shining and ready for your next major life step.

Steep in a circle of goodness.

Join us.


We’ll read it.

We’ll whisper it.

We’ll find a poem (or two or three) that touches what is most essential within us.


The next retreat will be held at beautiful Twin Creek Ranch in Ojai, California. We have secured two spaces for lodging. One at Twin Creek Ranch and one at Upper Ojai Farmhouse- a short drive from the main campus. Both locations include pools, hot tubs and gorgeous, peaceful scenery.


Healthy, nourishing meals prepared with love by Christina McPherson and Elizabeth Rainer. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with notice. 

JOIN US if you want:

  • to be welcomed into a warm, wise and kind circle.

  • to steep in inspiration - poetry, art and nature.

  • to learn more deeply about yourself through astrology.

  • to make new friends and play like you probably haven’t in awhile.

  • to take courageous and significant steps, carving out the new in your life.

  • to rest and be replenished and remember the softness and tenderness of who you are.

  • to be reminded of just how crazy strong you are.

  • to give the gift of yourself and inspire others who happen to need just your texture of inspiration.

  • to spend 5 days in beautiful Ojai, CA.

  • to give, live, feel, receive a TON of love.

Radiant Life Retreat Coed - March 22-27 - Ojai (1).png


Single Room - $3000

Double Room - $2400

Quad Room - $2200

Radiant Life Retreat Heidi Rose Robbins-26_edited.jpg

I believe in the power of retreat to grow our individual and collective light. Magic happens when individuals gather with the intention of loving more deeply, acting more courageously, and fully embracing themselves and one another. So this is a call.


If you are committed to growing, if you are willing to try something new, if you want a tender and strong community, then join us. 


"Heidi is an amazing combination of steady and intuitive, allowing participants to go deep while maintaining the structure and safety to allow for such work...Heidi and her team offer a rare, empowering and healing experience."


“Heidi has created a powerful setting for personal growth that allows for each participant to show up with whatever they are carrying, and either set it down or hold it up to the light.”


“Heidi is a masterful, wise, and deeply intuitive leader. Her graceful leadership empowers you to leave retreats feeling as though you found a balm for your heart and a fire was ignited in your soul.”


“Heidi is a master facilitator, guide, astrologer, and poet who reads the energy of the person and the room in order to make wise, inspired choices to spark revelations, laughter, joy and immense growth. ”