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Everyday Radiance

Everyday Radiance provides a year's worth of zodiac-inspired prompts or invitations for inner clarity and renewal. Organized by sun sign, the cosmic launching pad for both amateur and professional astrologers, each prompt provides a quick practice, writing exercise, or creativity nudge designed to harness the power of each day's unique astrological energy. Start on any day and follow the prompts throughout the year to uncover your most illuminated, radiant self.


Astrology is an exquisite tool

We can use astrology in infinitely practical and profoundly inspiring ways. It can offer clarity, instruction, and encouragement about our life's journey. It can remind us that we are a part of an intricate tapestry, and the cycles of our lives mirror greater cycles at work.  


Everyday Radiance provides an opportunity to engage with the astrological energies that are available each month. I hope that you will engage with this book in joyful and practical ways and use it to learn more about your most radiant self. 


Keep it by your bed and read it first thing or carry it in your bag for lunchtime inspiration. I invite you to engage with it on a daily basis. May each day's offering remind you of the beauty and brilliance that you are! 


Throughout the book, Heidi suggests poems or pieces of writing to complement certain days. Find full versions at the link below.

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Do you know your Sun, Moon, & Rising sign? Fill out the form below and we will send you your natal chart. This is not necessary to use this book, but it adds subtlety and deeper insight to your experience.

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