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139 | Time of Birth is Very Important: Charade's Chart

Heidi addresses the question about exact time of birth in astrology. She also sounds a rallying cry to ignore astrologers who make broad sweeping statements about the quality of your entire life.

Dear Heidi,

I found your podcast online,it’s great, I listen at work! I’ve always been interested in astrology.I did have my chart done a long time ago.The only things I can remember the astrologer said were that my life would be a struggle and that I have lots of conflict.Anyways those words stuck with me and it was kinda true.I know everybody is different,but most of the Capricorn’s I know,were all kinda similar. My question is I get so stuck in my head ,is there a way for us Capricorn’s to lighten up a bit, Help Earthbound Capricorn AND from Rochelle- My question is: If we are unable to get the time of birth for a person, how accurate are the charts in terms of the planet placements? Since we cannot get the ascending planet, then we cannot get houses right? But we should be able to get moon within reason? Are there any fixes? A lovely, educational podcast on this cluster of questions would be so wonderful to me.



"Sifter" by Naomi Shihab Nye

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