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135 | Cancer Rising Cracks Open: Heather's Chart

Heidi talks about how a Cancer Rising can offer her gift and emerge from "behind the scenes."

I have spent most my life 'protecting' my authentic self from the world, only allowing to express in private. As I get older I am finding a real push toward expressing who I really am in public because not doing so is becoming extremely painful. Doing this seems to go against my nature (or conditioning)? How can I use the energies of my chart to speak, communicate, and express myself to the world more? I find myself not willing to do it if authenticity is compromised. I would like to explore Chiron in Gemini a little more in the 11th house...maybe there are some answers there? Or maybe there are some clues in less obvious places.

Thanks Heidi!


"A Poem for my Daughter" by Teddy Macker

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