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“I have Venus on my ascendant which I love but it falls in the 12th house. The 12th house is still a bit murky for me... Can you explain further? I am always just thinking it means that it is a hidden blessing or something that is veiled. I get it and I am also puzzled by it.”

Erin: I think of Chiron and the nodes as being places I need to learn and to heal. Do you place much importance on these signs/placements? Is there particular resonance between the two with their placement in my chart? I know there are no strong aspects but having the nodes in the 2nd/8th house and Chiron in the 8th?

Val: With Saturn being in my 10th, and that planet being about discipline and hard work to over time, achieve mastery…how best to work with astrology to take advantage of timing for making big moves, like a career change, or bringing a project to the public?


“Leo Rules the Heart”

by Andrew Lyle Heffernan


by Heidi Rose Robbins

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