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112 | Michael Kobrinsky: The Poise Before the Leap Into the Void

Michael and Heidi talk about fatherhood, the passion of drumming, the peace of surfing and building a lighted house. Michael is a Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Virgo rising.


David Whyte, from his book,River Flow


Jupiter in the western sky and my son walking with the whole arc of the sea behind him. Above his head the fishing pole bent as if to catch the day-lit star, hovering on the broad horizon. The mere shape of him in silhouette I love so much. The whip of his wrist and rascal slant of his cap like some hieroglyph of love I deciphered long ago and read to myself again and again. When I first heard him in the fluid darkness before his birth, calling to his mother and I from the yet unknown and unseen world to which he belonged, I could not know that particular slant of his face or hand. I could not know how he would speak to me. Our love then was for an unknown promise, but just as strong as if the promise was known. May all our promises from now be just as strong.

"Old Interior Angels"

Young, male and

immortal as I was,

I stopped at the first sight

Of that broken bridge.

The taut cables snapped

and the bridge planks


into a crazy jumble

over the drop,

four hundred feet

to the craggy


I sat and watched

the wind shiver on the broken planks,

as if by looking hard

and long enough, the life-line

might spontaneously

repair itself –

but watched in vain.

an hour I sat

in silence,

checking each

involuntary movement

of the body toward

that trembling


with a fearful mind,

and an emphatic

shake of the head.

Finally, facing defeat

and about to go back

the way I came

to meet the others.

Three days round

by another pass.

Enter the old mountain woman

with her stooped gait,

her dark clothes

and her dung basket

clasped to her back.

Small feet shuffling

for the precious


fuel for cooking food.

Intent on the ground

she glimpsed my feet

and looking up

said “Namaste”

“I greet the God in you”

the last syllable

held like a song.

I inclined my head

and clasped my hands

to reply, but

before I could look up,

she turned her lined face

and went straight across

that shivering chaos

of wood

and broken steel

in one movement.

One day the hero

sits down,

afraid to take

another step,

and the old interior angel

limps slowly in

with her no-nonsense


and her old secret

and goes ahead.


you say

and follow.

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