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100 | Elizabeth Rainer: Hand-Made Magic Maker

Elizabeth and Heidi talk about friendship, art, the sacred, anniversaries and Scorpio healing and transformation. Elizabeth is Libra Rising, Scorpio Sun and Aries Moon.


Elizabeth’s Mama, Mimi Moore


(see below)

“The Sweetness That Remains” from her book, The Cure for Sorrow


Elizabeth's beautiful handmade magic:

Elizabeth's wonderful daily photo blog:


by Mimi Moore

I watch you rake the leaves in piles And sweep them On to a plastic sheet With strong sure strokes A sailor, rowing in a sea of leaves.

“We’re doing it, Ma.” you say.

I laugh, Happy to spend The last, warm day of October With you- Watching the work, Watching the chickadees storm the feeder, Watching a sassy blue jay steal corn kernels From a decorative piece on the woodshed door.

“Your turn. You’re needed.”

I get to my feet, Help fold the ends Of the plastic sheet Around the leaves, Making a fat bundle, Like a giant Chinese dumpling- A perfect task, For a retired, family-pastry-cook.

I hold the bundle together While you lash it to the wheelbarrow.

“My dear son, Earl, When the time comes that I, Like a golden maple leaf, Let fly and fall to earth, Ready to sleep forever. Remember this blue sky day,

The happiness we shared And the sea of golden leaves we swam in.”

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