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Join Us: Become a Part of The Radiance Project Community

Hi friends,

Today is a big day! Today we open the door to subscribers for The Radiance Project Podcast. We welcome you to be a part of this growing community of compassionate, dynamic, radiant people who want to make a difference in this world.

Subscribers will have access to all kinds of goodness, including a library full of astrology audios and videos. This includes an entire beginners astrology course with 10 videos and and over 25 pages of excellent astrological material to help you learn about yourself! You will also receive a monthly astrological forecast created with Ellen Fondiler to help you work with the energies of each month in a more potent way.

And subscribers will be the first to know about live events, parties and bonus episodes.

Oh! And of course, the show will always be free. But your generous financial support will help us produce the show, create bonus episodes and even take the show on the road.

Join me! Let’s fan the flame and share the light. Big Love.

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