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Welcoming Sagittarius; Freedom, Inspiration and Your Own Private Quest

The Sun moves into Sagittarius November 21st at 7:05 pm pacific time. We enter the sign of growth and inspiration. We move from the water of Scorpio to the fire of Sagittarius and we remember we can flicker and dance, move quickly and expand. Above all else, Sagittarius needs to have a QUEST and to feel FREE. He will travel with optimism and aspiration, following his own personal star.

Our world needs a dose of Sagittarius right about now. We need the broadened perspective and the sense that we are growing. It is far too easy to fix on despair and refuse to move outward. Fear abounds. We are stressed and uncertain. The sign of Sagittarius is generous and carries the message that this is a time to grow the light, not sit in darkness.

Sagittarius invites us outdoors to run around the block or climb a mountain. It invites us to an improv show so we can laugh and remember what laughter does for the emotional landscape. It invites us to read something uplifting so our thoughts can leap off the old, well worn track and consider something lighter, brighter and more hopeful. Sagittarius is the herald of freedom. The centaur wants us to feel the strength in our legs and the power of an arrow shot to the heart of our greatest dream.

Under Sagittarius, we work towards increasing levels of freedom — within and without. We educate ourselves. We help educate others. We INSPIRE with each breath. We breathe in the new breath of hope and forward momentum. We refuse to be ensnared by limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. We pack our suitcase for a journey within or without. We head to the North Pole or to the depths of our depression and we return, after the journey, changed and replenished.

Use this month to find a teacher or be your own teacher. Use this month to search out what inspires you most and steep in it. Have an adventure — any kind of adventure— but don’t do things the way you always do them. Broaden your perspective. Sprint. Sing. Work at feeling increasing free. Play at feeling increasingly free. Wake up and decide you are FREE no matter your circumstances. Big love.

A Poem for Sagittarius

(The last stanza is the entrance to Sagittarius)

From Out the Cave

by Joyce Sutphen

When you have been

at war with yourself

for so many years that

you have forgotten why,

when you have been driving

for hours and only

gradually begin to realize

that you have lost the way,

when you have cut

hastily into the fabric,

when you have signed

papers in distraction,

when it has been centuries

since you watched the sun set

or the rain fall, and the clouds,

drifting overhead, pass as flat

as anything on a postcard;

when, in the midst of these

everyday nightmares, you

understand that you could

wake up,

you could turn

and go back

to the last thing you

remember doing

with your whole heart:

that passionate kiss,

the brilliant drop of love

rolling along the tongue of a green leaf,

then you wake,

you stumble from your cave,

blinking in the sun,

naming every shadow

as it slips.


New Radiance Project Episode out today!

Episode 17 with Kulap Vilaysack! Check it out HERE.

November 29, 7:30-9:30 pm.

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