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Welcoming Cancer; 'A Great and Common Tenderness'

Dear Friends,

The Sun moves into Cancer today, June 20th, 2017 at 9:24 pm pacific time. I, myself, am moving out of bed after several days of the flu so this will be short and sweet.

In truth, while sick, I mostly sweat and was completely out of it, but day 3 when I turned the corner, I lay in bed with Kate and Dylan and watched old video footage from when they were both babies. They loved seeing it. I did too. Even though I was still feeling pretty wretched, there’s nothing like curling up and watching cute babies, especially when they are your cute babies.

Truth be told, I have been feeling quite tender. And tender is a Cancer word. Cancer is all about the family, the home, the soft belly, vulnerability and mama love. It’s easy to want to protect or guard our vulnerability, but as we grow in consciousness under the sign Cancer, we are asked to shed the armor and reveal our deepest feeling truth. We are not meant to tuck it away, hide or smother it. We are meant, in whatever way we are able, to find great compassion for ourselves so we can show up as we are with our families, our neighbors, our friends and HUMANITY to give our gift, to play our part. We cannot stuff what we feel or hide in any way or we will eventually implode.

Even after all the political upheaval, personal attacks on his poetry and exile from his own country, the great poet Pablo Neruda wrote, “I still have an absolute faith in human destiny, a clearer and clearer conviction that we are approaching a great and common tenderness….and this hope cannot be crushed.”

This touches me deeply. In a time ravaged by political divide and horrific attacks between and amongst our peoples, it is easy to feel aghast and withered. But the great journey we are on as Humanity — together — must be considered. And we are walking towards a greater light. We are ever so slowly learning kindness and compassion. We are growing.

Cancer is the sign deeply connected to the Mother of the World and the Divine Mama is INCLUSIVE. Cancer only excludes out of reactivity. It’s fundamental nature is to let all in to be loved and healed. One of the most powerful Cancerian phrases is “The Whole is Seen As One.” Cancer can see Humanity as an entity. Cancer can FEEL Humanity as an entity. Cancer wants to care for Humanity as and entity.

So. Please. Carry with you today and this month that sense that 'we are approaching a great and common tenderness' and that we must each play our part.

This month, shed the armor, practice feeling-sensitivity, mother something (start with yourself), be tender.

Love you big,

Heidi Rose

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