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194 | A Letter from My Father

Inspiration and strengthening for difficult hours.

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06 dic 2020

I was so moved by this letter and your dad. You are one of the lucky ones having such a loving foundation. Your dad supported you and saw you as you are right now....this wonderful wise woman. I too, will use his words in my meditation. I can think of him speaking to me in the same supportive way, it's really great.

So happy I get to share your poetry and live experiences. I'm finding out in my old age, relationships makes us most happy and keep our minds sharper. Much Love Rose

Me gusta

Thank you so much Heidi Rose for sharing this beautiful, beautiful letter and meditation from your father. I am deeply touched by the energy of love and the strength in the words. I will listen to the letter and do the meditation again for sure❤

Me gusta
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