TEDx: I Know A Woman Who

An invitation, a celebration, a truth telling and a call to gather.

TEDx: Revolutionary in Disguise

"The only thing to do with sadness is to introduce it to indestructible beauty."

This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty

Heidi's latest book asks us in a myriad of ways to follow the greatest love and light in our lives.

It invites us to soften our edges and experience beauty, intimacy and daring.


Wild Compassion

A collection of poetry and prose exploring the journey from inner obstruction to increased freedom. We are all on a journey towards greater expression, fulfillment and a fuller expression of love. Let these poems open your heart to self forgiveness and deeper compassion. 


Read a piece each morning. Share with a friend. See what wakes up in you as you read the poems and prose aloud.



© 2020 Heidi Rose Robbins

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live your radiant life.