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Private Astrology Sessions

A private astrology session can offer clarity, instruction and encouragement about our life's journey. It can remind us that we are part of an intricate tapestry and the cycles of our lives mirror greater cycles at work. We are here to play a part in a symphony being composed over time. What is our note to sound? What is our greatest offering? What can we give that is uniquely ours to give? 

Astrology is rapidly becoming a more accepted and accessible language. And as it grows, my schedule becomes fuller. (And I am so grateful!) You are still welcome to join my waitlist for a session (see below), but I wanted to create an option for those who would like to access this exquisite tool without a lengthy wait time (and at a different price point). I've assembled a team of fellow soul-centered astrologers from around the globe who I've either personally trained or personally endorse. I am so excited to share them with you!

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Heidi Rose Robbins

Heidi isn't currently taking new clients, but does occasionally open up new spaces. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when new spots come available!

Email to join the waitlist.


Aerial View of Clouds

Give someone the gift of
perspective and guidance

Get a gift certificate for your loved one for a 60-minute private astrology session with a member of my team of soul-centered astrologers to help them learn more about their most radiant self and to understand the cycles unfolding in their life. All sessions take place via Zoom.

Bruna Maia

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I’m a soul-centered astrologer who is fascinated by the intersection of Psychology, Astrology & Dreamwork. I'm based out of Northern California with a full-time online Astrology practice serving a global community. I’m a lifelong student of the esoteric, and I’ve been studying Archetypal, Psychological & Esoteric Astrology since 2017. My training includes a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal & Depth Psychology and certifications in Dreamwork and Trauma Studies. I’m also deeply connected to my Brazilian homeland offering Astrology readings in both English and Portuguese. My "Big 3" Astrological energies are Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo & Rising in Cancer.


Caitlin Muelder

I'm a Judgment-Free/Yes-And Astrologer, focused on increasing greater awareness, empathy, and empowerment by uniting the exoteric and esoteric astrological perspectives. Mentored by Heidi Rose Robbins and a student of the Lighted house School of Esoteric Studies, founded by Merie Santos and Bruna Maia, my ongoing astrological studies include Psychological Astrology, along with Pagan, Indigenous, and Non-European Cosmology. Related studies: Global Mythology, Folk Magic, and Traditional Hoodoo Voodoo (under Lala Intuari & Nefertiti Moor). My MFA Acting & Classical Storytelling (career as artist/performer/ writer) help me bring mirth and metaphor in giving language to the emotional and occult. I hope to liberate others from fear or shame by welcoming and integrating all "aspects" of the astrological self. 

I'm a Grand Water Trine: Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising + a Gemini 8th House Stellium


Dene Mason

Based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia, my practice is grounded in the belief that we are all here to figure out how to embody the fullness of who we truly are, and that astrology is both a practical and beautiful tool to help us do it. It gives us ways to understand our complexities, steers us towards our better nature, and empowers us to cooperate more fully with what’s inside and in front of us at any given time. My lineage of teachers includes Heidi Rose Robbins and William Meader in the US, Grethe Fremming & Rolf Havsboel in Denmark, and Marc Laurenson in Sydney. I’ve also been deeply influenced by the work of Caroline Casey. I have a Pisces Sun, Pisces Rising and Aquarius Moon.


Ellie La Trobe

Astrology Team (7).png

I am an intuitive, soul-centered astrologer with a focus on exploring soul purpose and personal growth through the astrological lens. Ever since I could talk, I have asked life’s big questions. I've studied many spiritual traditions, including eastern traditions like yoga and ayurveda, along with western traditions like the theosophy of the Arcane school. I’ve been a student of  Esoteric Astrology for eight years, and in more recent years I have studied modern and Hellenistic astrology.  My practice of Soul-Centred Astrology is a synthesis of all three practices, merging the study of soul-nature with psychology and our personality. I love helping people find answers to their questions and understand their spiritual journey. I am an Oxford graduate of Biological Science and Environmental Change and Management, and very much bring a healthy rational intellect together with my intuitive astrological readings. I am British and live in West Cork, Ireland. I have a Sagittarius Moon, Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Rising.


Jeff Hinshaw

I am an intuitive practitioner fusing together over a decade of experience working with tarot, astrology, and somatic healing. My practice is grounded in reverence for the elements, nature, the Earth, and Spirit. I offer my unique expertise of ritual, tarot, and astrology to guide others on journeys of self-exploration, transformation and healing. I am the host of the podcast Cosmic Cousins. Released on the New and Full Moon, each episode facilitates a deeper connection to the Moon and the current astrological transits. I have an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, and Aquarius Rising.


Meire Santos

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I am an AstroPsychotherapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have 20 years of experience working as a Psychotherapist, and for the past 7 years, I have combined my psychological expertise with Esoteric Psychology and Astrology. My academic background includes two Master's degrees in Developmental Psychology and Integral Psychology, and a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology, with specializations in Trauma Work, Hakomi (Somatic), Dream Work, Immigration, and Family Systems. Having been a student of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Shamanism and Buddhism, spirituality has always been part of my life and informed my professional path. I realized that Psychology would not be sufficient to explain and help human beings achieve their full potential, and esoteric studies allowed me to move my client work to a new level. My Big "3" are Sun in Cancer/ Moon in Libra / Pisces Rising.


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