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The Progressed Moon spends two to two-and-a-half years in each sign of the zodiac, providing time to explore each of the zodiacal energies throughout our life.


Your Progressed Moon is a downloadable digital workbook designed to help you identify and explore the cycles and themes of the progressed moon throughout your life. 


The Workbook includes:

  • A 36 page guide 
  • A custom personal list of your progressed moon throughout your life and 10 years into the future
  • An hour long instructional video where we dive deep into the Progressed Moon’s journey
  • Activation ideas for each sign
  • An explorative journal for you to print out and fill in with your personal list of your progressed moon


By understanding how we’ve engaged with the energies of each sign in our lives so far, we can consciously call in our next level of growth as we navigate each new chapter.


Once you've purchased your workbook: 

Fill out this form with your birth info to receive your Personal Progressed Moon list.


If you’d like to order an additional custom personal list of the Progressed Moon for your family or friends add it to your order here:

Each additional Personal List: $7

Your Progressed Moon | Digital Workbook Download

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