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Welcoming Pisces; You Are Not Alone

The Sun moves into Pisces today, February 18th at 9:18 am. At its best, Pisces is a sign of compassion and sensitivity, sacrifice and synthesis. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and a culminating sign. Under Pisces, we can FINALLY understand. We can feel others more deeply. We can feel greater compassion. We can forgive ourselves. We can forgive others.

We surrender. We open. We love.

This is what is possible.

However, the danger zone for Pisces isolation or hopelessness. Pisces IS an ocean of feeling. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, frozen or numb. We can feel confused or inert. We crumple. We despair. We give up. We want to escape. We do escape.

Now more than ever, we are called upon to be CONSCIOUS and to use the best of the energies available to us. Every time the Sun moves into a new sign, we have the opportunity to embrace unique and potent energies. We can catch ourselves when we begin to fall into more unconscious behavior. We can love and forgive ourselves when we find ourselves collapsed.

Pisces says -- If we can look into the hopelessness or desire to isolate, if we can look under the overwhelm and name the pain, then we can begin to whisper our own words of encouragement and offer ourselves the very love we need to move forward. Or we can open ourselves -- albeit in vulnerability -- to others who can help us unfurl. We can use the stillness of Pisces to feel outward and offer love to those in need. We can remember our own softness and tenderness and consciously, actively recognize and name that softness and tenderness in others.

Generally, we are good people.

Generally, we all want to love more, to be better human beings, to grow our capacity to understand one another. We are all evolving. We are all at different levels of understanding and different abilities to love beyond ourselves.

Pisces reminds us we are all in the same ocean whether we like it or not. Pisces reminds us that every generous, compassionate act ripples outward and changes the water for all of us.

This month, make it a practice to recognize that we are all truly in one vastness and we are all, every moment, in the tiniest of ways either offering love or refusing. Begin by offering that love to your fragile heart.

On that note, here is a poem by my husband, Andrew Heffernan.

It feels like a deeply Pisces poem.

I would encourage you to read it out loud.


Give it a try.

Read it slowly and read it out loud.

And breathe deeply.

And let it touch you.

Big love to each and every one of you,

Heidi Rose


Sometimes days roll by like tumbleweeds.

Cinderblock hours pulling your head earthward.

Ashes of things not done all around you.

Don’t bury that sweet wreckage.

It’s compost for flowers which

Become home for a million teeming cells of life.

A willing sacrifice to the endless feverish press of the living.

Forgive your dying parts, the waning you,

The mirror lies;

The charm box in your pocket has no answers that matter.

Let your wary frustrations

Give birth to new attention,

The milkshake at the burger joint,

The roll and hum of the washing machine,

The whoosh of the freeway,

The neat piles of clothes, the cleaning out of a desk.

Let the dappled light through the bedroom window

Work its enchantment on you;

Let our son’s voice pierce your heart

Like a hurricane through a threadbare sail.

Place your hands on the earth,

Raise your eyes, open your mouth to the pouring rain

And let the heavens quench you again and again.

You are not alone.

Sit at last in the cool spring of this April first

And hear, as if for the first time,

The insistent cry of the birds in the palm tree

In our daughter’s dancing eyes,

In the press of our bodies together,

In our childrens’ brookstream laughter.

Like the Virgin Mary turn your majestic face

Towards your fragile beating heart

In all its radiance

And forgive it.

Give them away. Give them away. Give it to me.

by Andrew Heffernan

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