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Welcoming Scorpio; Fierce Love to Each and All

The Sun moves into Scorpio today, October 22nd at 10:27 pm pacific time. We are, in fact, welcoming a Scorpio season. Jupiter moved into Scorpio October 10th where it will remain until fall of 2018. Mercury is currently hanging out in Scorpio now and Venus will enter Scorpio on November 7th. It is the season of deep dives, radical commitment, self reflection and fighting the good fight. In my Jupiter in Scorpio YouTube video, I asked, “What kind of Warrior are you?” This month, that Warrior (yes, with a capital W) is called into action.

Remember, a Warrior can fight in the name of compassion or tenderness. A Warrior can stand up for what is true and good and beautiful. You might be a Warrior of Beauty — one who stands for how Beauty can illuminate and transform our world. You might be a Warrior of Order — one who creates systems that support right action in our world.

Scorpio asks us to dig deep, demands authenticity and insists that we commit to the greatest truth in our lives. It might be dawning on you that Scorpio isn’t interested in the superficial. It doesn’t want to chat or skim the surface. It wants your greatest, deepest, most powerful offering. It wants you to struggle to wrestle your darkness into the light. It wants the fierce beauty of self examination and transformation!

Yes, it’s a tall order. No, it isn’t for the faint of heart. But bring it on. There can ultimately be something incredibly peaceful and nourishing about a kind of emptying out or truth telling. You can find a kind of bliss after giving something your all, seeing something through, committing whole-heartedly.

My father once wrote “Directives’ for each of the astrological signs. Here are a few for Scorpio:

  1. Achieve Victory over Fear

  2. Alchemize Lower Magnetisms into Higher Attachments

  3. Be firm but gentle

  4. Be a Warrior for the Light

  5. Brood Deeply and Ponder

  6. Care for Those in Deep Distress

  7. Clear the Way to Open Expression

  8. Conquer Cowardice Through Love

  9. Contend with yourself for the Sake of Self-Refinement

  10. Dance with Intensity.

There are hundreds of them, but there’s a taste! They are all wonderful invitations to work with Scorpio in powerful and effective ways. We must take care under Scorpio not to fall prey to negativity or reactivity. It is easy to let anger, frustration or jealously loose, wrecking havoc in our lives and affecting those we love. When we are able to channel the power of Scorpio in the name of love, anything is possible. Scorpio is fiercely loyal, tenacious and powerful.

Frankly, I always want a Scorpio by my side.

Let's all walk with Scorpio this month like a good friend. Let Scorpio open you to your own secrets so you can unburden and feel lighter. Let Scorpio whisper in your ear to commit to what you love. Let Scorpio fiercely love you into your greatest offering.

Big love to each and all.

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