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Welcoming Virgo; The Power of Touch


The Sun moves into Virgo today, August 22nd at 9:38 am pacific time. Virgo is an earth sign —practical, analytical and meticulous. It is also the sign that rules right work and true service. In other words, it is a sign under which we find and explore our truest devotion. A Virgo knows how to work from morning to night. But the refinement of the Virgo energy requires that the work done is work infused with the heart’s devotion and purpose.

Give a Virgo a physical task to accomplish and she will accomplish it with efficiency, speed and precision. But this efficiency could also be completely devoid of feeling. The opportunity of Virgo is to allow everything and everyone we touch to be changed for the better as a result of that touch.

I remember the day my beloved friend and teacher, Sofia Diaz, said that our hands are extensions of our heart, that our fingers are like paint brushes for the love we can extend. It blew my mind and made all the feeling sense in the world. When we close our open palm into a fist, we close off the flow of loving energy streaming through our heart to our hands. An open palm in a hand shake or touch is an extension of goodwill, love, offering.

During Virgo, we all have an opportunity to think about TOUCH. What and how do you want to touch? Can you imagine touching everything in the world as if you were touching a baby or someone you loved beyond measure? Can you imagine extending that degree of love to inanimate and animate objects alike?

What about our thoughts? Virgo brings extraordinary intelligence as one of its gifts. What does Intelligent love look like? Or loving intelligence? Can our thoughts touch or reach others with greater care, devotion or compassion? One of the great traps for those of us with strong Virgo energy is a strong critical or judgmental eye. Virgo knows what needs to be fixed and how to fix it. But the fixing must be purposeful and in the name of a greater good or it simply becomes an obsessive exercise in cleaning and organizing the material world.

Don’t get me wrong. Health, cleanliness and order are deeply important in our world. But it’s easy, under Virgo, to lose sight of why we do what we do. At the deepest level and in the name of the greatest good, what can we help to perfect or purify? How can we lovingly help another to be more healthy— physically, emotionally or mentally? How can we refine without harshly criticizing (internally or externally)?

How can we touch the world with our thoughts, feelings or very hands with greater compassion and feeling?

Take a day and pay attention to how you touch everything. Notice how you feel when you touch. Choose to touch in a new way. When you go to sleep tonight or wake up tomorrow, take your own hands and cover every inch of your own body with your own heart’s love — as if you were painting a great canvas of care.

Be. In. Love.

Heidi Rose

********************************************** I Come Home Wanting To Touch Everyone Stephen Dunn

The dogs greet me, I descend into their world of fur and tongues and then my wife and I embrace as if we’d just closed the door in a motel, our two girls slip in between us and we’re all saying each other’s names and the dogs Buster and Sundown are on their hind legs, people-style, seeking more love. I’ve come home wanting to touch everyone, everything; usually I turn the key and they’re all lost in food or homework, even the dogs are preoccupied with themselves, I desire only to ease back in, the mail, a drink, but tonight the body-hungers have sent out their long-range signals or love itself has risen from its squalor of neglect. Every time the kids turn their backs I touch my wife’s breasts and when she checks the dinner the unfriendly cat on the dishwasher wants to rub heads, starts to speak with his little motor and violin– everything, everyone is intelligible in the language of touch, and we sit down to dinner inarticulate as blood, all difficulties postponed because the weather is so good.

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