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Live weekend intensive

May 20 -21, 2023

9:30am - 5:30pm US Pacific Time

It’s important that you have a deep understanding of the signs, houses, planets, and aspects before entering the AF3: Live Weekend Intensive.

In Level 3 we will cover:

  • How to interpret a natal chart, ongoing.

  • Continuing work with transits

  • Secondary progressions

  • Love and relationships in the chart

  • Work and career in the chart

  • Health in the chart

  • Children, childbirth, fertility in the chart

  • Death and Life endings in the chart

  • Solar return charts

We’ll do lots of hands-on work with individual charts in an intimate, collaborative environment.

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Course Format

The intensive will be held at a gorgeous, private studio nestled in the Hollywood Hills, in the heart of Los Angeles. We will meet from 9:30am to 5:30pm each day. The weekend will include:

  • A delicious, healthy lunch each day

  • A beautiful space for our group work

  • Breathtaking views

*Space is limited. It will be an intimate and deep experience.

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About Heidi

Heidi Rose Robbins has been a professional astrologer for 25 years,
helping thousands of clients all over the globe live with more authenticity and clarity. She hosts two podcasts, THE RADIANCE PROJECT, featuring poetry, astrology, and good company, and CHART YOUR CAREER, with co-host Ellen Fondiler. Twice a year, she leads Radiant Life Retreats, for people wishing to take a deeper dive into her work.

Heidi has written two books of poetry and has been a featured poet at two TedX events. Last year, her 12-book series The Zodiac Love Letters, was published by One Idea Press, and in January 2023, her new book, Everyday Radiance--based on her daily Instagram offerings--will be published by Chronicle.

Heidi grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, learning the zodiac with her A,B, C’s, and calls herself “a poet with a map of the heavens in her pocket.”

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids, Kate and Dylan.



"I have LOVED having this class... It has been like having 5 years of therapy... It has helped me delve so much more deeply into myself and my purpose here on earth this time around, and develop deeper compassion for myself and others. Understanding astrology is making me a better person in all ways."   




"I've been deeply moved, challenged, and held during this time. I felt the best of what my chart has to offer me, the world; and the best of what the other beautiful souls are bringing to our class.

I am grateful. I am safe. I am hopeful."



This class is for you if:

  • You want to learn a tremendous amount about yourself.

  • You want to learn how to use the energies in your chart in the most loving and courageous ways.

  • You want to take all of the pieces you have learned and bring them together in a cohesive way; you want to approach astrological charts with grounded confidence.

  • You are craving support and guidance as you find your voice in the field of astrology.

Join us!

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Tuition: $1200

Questions? Write to

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