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If you know the basics of the planets, signs, houses and aspects and are ready to build a deeper astrological understanding with practical experience, then this mentorship is for you. 


If you want to integrate your astrological vocabulary with greater depth and clarity, then this mentorship is for you. 

Expand your capacity to weave astrological concepts together and breathe life into a chart.

Image by Konstantinos Feggoulis

Group Mentorship

  • What is the format? We will meet for 90-minutes, online, in 8 group sessions from June 12th - July 31, 2024. The group will be no larger than 18 people. 

  • How will the time be structured? We will use the first  30 minutes to explore one aspect of the chart in a deeper dive. We'll spend the next 60 minutes working with charts provided by the participants. These could be charts of your clients, family, friends or even historical figures. We will discuss the chart and with each exploration, Heidi will offer her approach to bringing the chart to life.

  • What will we cover? Once our group is formed, Heidi will ask you to send any particular questions or areas that you’d like to be sure we cover. She will curate this time together based on our specific group.


One-on-One Mentorship

  • What is the format? Eight weekly virtual 75-minute one-on-one sessions. We will choose times together that work well for you. This is a rare opportunity and there are only 3 spots available for this offer.

  • How will the time be structured/what will we cover? Each session will be curated for your unique needs to help you deepen in your astrology practice. This mentorship can be applied to any level of your astrological study. You will have the opportunity to bring in charts that you would like to explore or Heidi can provide charts for you to study. ​




Group Mentorship Schedule

Wednesdays from

9 - 10:30am pacific time

June 12
June 19
June 26
July 3
July 10
July 17
July 24
July 31

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All group sessions occur live online via Zoom. Recordings are made available for those who cannot attend live.

If these times don't work for you but you would still like to participate, let us know as we may be adding a second cohort.


The Mentorship gave me a solid foundation of the art of astrology. Heidi offered structure, guidance, and support as she guided us through a graduate school level study of the principles of astrological interpretation. It helped me unlearn clickbait and over-generalized, biased, and fear-based assumptions about the signs, aspects, and placements. I now feel confident, inspired, and free to enjoy  my astrological practice and study without fear or judgment. 

Caitlin Muelder - Actor, Writer, & Astrologer

Image by Konstantinos Feggoulis

About Heidi

Heidi Rose Robbins has been a professional astrologer for 25 years, helping thousands of clients all over the globe live with more authenticity and clarity. She hosts two podcasts, THE RADIANCE PROJECT, featuring poetry, astrology, and good company, and CHART YOUR CAREER, with co-host Ellen Fondiler. Twice a year, she leads Radiant Life Retreats, for people wishing to take a deeper dive into her work. She is also a guest faculty member at Esalen in Big Sur, CA.


Heidi has written two books of poetry, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty and Wild Compassion, and has been a featured poet at two TedX events. Her 12-book series, The Zodiac Love Letters, was published by One Idea Press, and last year her new book, Everyday Radiance--based on her daily Instagram offerings--was published by Chronicle. 


Heidi grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, learning the zodiac with her A,B, C’s, and calls herself “a poet with a map of the heavens in her pocket.”


She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids, Kate and Dylan

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