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live your radiant life.

Please make sure you've already purchased your session (available below) before scheduling! 



  • One 60-minute session.

  • One-on-one and completely confidential.

  • Recorded and sent to you via email as a downloadable MP3 file.

You will have time to ask any specific questions you have about your life. Whether this is your first astrological reading ever or you are very well-versed in astrology, the scope of our work together will always be tailored to your level of understanding in this field.

Can be given as a "gift" for friends and family.



  • Three 60-minute sessions.

  • One-on-one and completely confidential.

  • Recorded and sent to you via email as a downloadable MP3 file.

Your unique astrological blueprint provides a map to help guide you through life’s most heightened moments: the thrilling ones and the painful ones. Times of radical change, and times of quiet searching. Take advantage of a three-pack to check in whenever you need.


$5600 | Next group begins June 2017

  • Twelve 75-minute sessions, once a month over the course of an entire year.

  • Two additional 30-minute sessions:

    • One with general questions

    • One if you are really ‘in it’ and need a lift and some immediate guidance.

  • Free admission to any events offered by Heidi throughout the year (Radiant Life Retreats excepted).

From the moment you register, you will be in my thoughts and heart. We will dive deep into your current fears, victories and life questions. I will send poetry or inspiration your way when I find something perfect to share. I will hold your journey as we progress throughout the year. It will be an ongoing personal conversation about how you can use the energies of each new sign, every month, in your most powerful, inspired way.

And if you wish:

I will give you homework---exercises, practices and journaling tailored to your specific wrestlings, joys and intentions.

Four spaces available.



  • 10 online video lessons (90 minutes each)

  • Your personal astrological chart

  • A list of your specific planetary positions

  • A list of your specific planetary placements

  • A reference guide of the planets and signs

  • PDF downloads of class handouts

  • Audio downloads of each class session

  • Astrology study cards for the Planets, Houses, and Signs

  • Bonus video: The Astrology of Self-Compassion and Love-Fueled Action

A two-hour in-depth look at the Rising Sign and Sun Sign to further our self-knowledge and self-compassion. Filled with poetry and prose, astrology, and inspiration.

Learn how astrology can reveal the truth and depth of who we are an all that we have to offer.

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