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Today we can use astrology in infinitely practical and profoundly inspiring ways. It can offer clarity. instruction and encouragement about our life journeys. It can remind us that we are part of an intricate tapestry and the cycles of our lives mirror greater cycles at work. We are here to play a part in a symphony being composed over and throughout time.


We start with the Charting Your Course workbook. In this 46-page guide, you will learn:

- The Planets - what they rule, reflect, & reveal

- The 12 Signs - their textures & qualities of expression

- The 12 Houses - meanings and influence of each area


AND how to weave all these elements together to develop a deeper understanding of your unique astrological chart through guided writing exercises. It also includes a printable astrological card deck.


Next we dive deeper into your three most important positions with the Sun, Moon, and Rising Snapshot. 


In Esoteric Astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the three most important positions; the Rising Sign rules the Soul’s Calling or our purpose in this life. The Sun rules the personality or ‘doing’ self. And the Moon rules our subconscious or unconscious patterns of behavior.


Prepared by our team of astrologers, this personal audio snapshot will give you a glimpse of the primary energies with which you are working.


In order for our team to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here after ordering.

The Astrology Bundle

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