Leo: Living and Growing Your Zodiac Love

Leo: Living and Growing Your Zodiac Love

Astrology can teach us all to be more forgiving. It teaches us to witness with curiosity and without judgement. It teaches us to encourage the best in others and to see the growth instead of the limitation.

If we all knew just a bit more about ourselves and one another astrologically, the world could be a more peaceful,compassionate place. 

This series of classes delves into each astrological sign of the zodiac to help us all understand the energies of each sign with ever-growing clarity and compassion.


Each week, we will explore:

**The element of each sign.

**The rulerships.

**Where it is in detriment or exaltation.

**How every other sign helps the growth and evolution of the sign we are studying.

**The places we might get stuck in the sign we are studying.

**The journey of growth and opportunity in the sign.


Each week a new sign will be added!


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