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144 | The Astrological Significance of the Earth: Stephen's Chart

Heidi explores the position of the EARTH in the astrological chart.​

Hi Heidi!

I've been listening and enjoying your podcast for awhile now and have recently became a Radiant member which has exposed me to your fantastic Charting Your Course classes. Something struck me in your 5th class about Mars. In the first 10 minutes you mention Earth and its significance. I've never thought about this before but you explain how Earth's position in your chart is directly opposite your Sun. So I would have Earth in 0'13" Sagittarius in the 5th house, and according to the decans, Sag/Sag. You explain that Earth represents our practical manifesting work. I have my Sun in opposition to Uranus but now I know that my Earth is sitting right next to Uranus. Can you help me put this into perspective in terms of career? I'm very much ready for a change in my career but have always valued stability and am afraid to make a leap that may cause instability. This new found Earth next to Uranus may be the shake up perspective I need? Sorry for the long question but I never thought about Earth as part of a chart!

— Stephen


"It's All Right" by William Stafford

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