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The Radiance Project: Podcast Launch!

Dear Friends, I am so excited to share the launch of my new Podcast! It's called The Radiance Project-- Astrology, Poetry and Good Company! I have already talked with a handful of gorgeous guests and have many more lined up. You can subscribe HERE today and you'll receive a new episode each day next week. After that, we'll upload a new episode every Friday! Some of my first guests... Elizabeth Rainer Jessica St. Clair June Diane Raphael Adriana Rizzolo

Laverne McKinnon

Lisa Wolpe and Johnny Ray Meeks! I am beyond thrilled to share these amazing humans with you. All my guests have agreed that we can discuss their Sun, Moon and Rising Sign! And I've chosen a poem specifically for each guest as well. We dive right in and share the juicy discoveries and insights. You might even learn a little astrology! Please subscribe today on Apple Podcasts and after you listen to a few, I would love it if you could leave a review there as well.

Show notes with relevant links for each episode can be found here! So be sure to keep checking in. You are the best. Big love and gratitude, Heidi Rose

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