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A Little Zodiac Inspiration

Dear Friends,

Many of your wrote when I published a piece called Tough Love Astrology. I addressed some of the more difficult tendencies of each sign. I called on us to stop certain behaviors that do not serve us. In this piece, I ask you to start doing what you are here to do--to recognize your true gifts and share them widely.

Be sure to read your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

Aries: Do you get how daring and smart you are? Do you understand that you were put on this earth to share your ideas, that no one can begin a project like you can? No one can leap as fast or bust through initial obstacles quite like you? You are here to come forth, to lead and plant the fertile seeds of your mind. You are here to see your ideas grow into the NEW. Even if you are 104 or 12 years old, Aries gives you all kinds of masculine adolescent bravado —the kind of bravado that opens doors and gets a new era underway. You are here to bust through, launch into action, say yes, begin NOW. What are you waiting for? It’s time. You’ve got Mars and Mercury on your side and you’re a smart cookie too. 3,2,1 launch.

Taurus: I want you to understand how strong you are. You have willpower. You have the power of 2,000 pounds of BULL to aim in the direction of your choosing. You bring it down to earth. And you’re magnetic. You understand beauty. You are an appreciator of beauty. You can create beauty in form. And you attract what you need. You are receptive. Not only that — you are an appreciator of the natural world and you can experience beauty in ways no one else can experience beauty. Oh, and you’re intuitive. It may take you awhile to figure that out. But you’re not here to see just with your eyes. You’re here to see with your inner eye and to find the light in everything and everyone. That’s one of your super powers. Use it.

Gemini: I want you to understand that you are crazy crazy smart. You’re curious and you have a way with words. You can talk to almost anyone about almost anything. You are a bridge builder. You know how to keep it light and funny and delightful. But you are also masterful at weaving threads of relationship so that people feel connected. You know how to marry ideas and weave a tapestry of good will. Do you get that your words inspire, that you are brilliant at asking questions that are evocative and interesting? Do you get that you are a mover and a shaker and masterful at mini-adventures? Even more than that, do you get that you have a direct line to your wiser, more masterful soul self and you can converse whenever you so choose. You can choose. You can choose, actually to stand steady as a soul and choose your words from there. That’s brilliant. So are you.

Cancer: Do you get it? Your sensitivity is your strength. No one feels as deeply as you. No one understands how to mother like you. No one produces and cares for someone or something like you. You can hold and nourish and care for a baby (be it creative or otherwise) like no one else. Do you get that you can’t hide from this super power, that you can’t use your over sensitivity as an excuse. You are a receiver of subtler energies. You are a conduit for compassion. You are also fierce. Do you get that you can’t hide, that there’s work to do. You are the ultimate producer. What do you want to produce? It might be a feast or it might be a non-profit. Just do it. Do you understand that you, though your cancer the crab namesake moves sideways, you are here to make something out of that sideways motion. You are here to create a big circle drawing a line of care all around what you love most.

Leo: I want you to understand that you a blazing sun. You are radiant so you can be generous. Do you get that people are drawn to you and that makes it easy to make a difference in the world? How are you going to use your light, your leadership, your creativity? I want you to understand that you are fiery and warm and deeply connected to the heart. Your courageous acts must always stem from that fiery center. You understand what it is to stand as the Self and do your thing. Or if you don’t, dig deep because it’s one of your greatest gifts. Feel the molten love core of who you are and walk in truth out into the world. Stand for what you love. Stand for how we as Humanity can do better. Humanity itself is one great entity learning how to slough off darkness and emerge as the radiant beings we are. YOU be that now.

Virgo: I want you to understand no one sees the world quite like you do. No one understands how to make the adjustments and changes that you know will make a difference. You are here to build beauty, in your own body and out it in the world. You are here to attend to the material world in a way that leaves refinement, health and exquisite sacred perfection in your path. You know how to do things. You are so capable. You are such a hard worker. You can help yourself and others address the destructive habitual behaviors that squash the light in us. You can breathe health and well being back into a person, a company, a space or Humanity itself. You are the refiner and the designer. Do you understand that you are here to create better systems for us all. You are a fixer of what is broken and a mender of what needs to be healed. Don’t spend a moment longer obsessing that you need to organize your sock drawer first.

Libra: I want you to understand that within you are the seeds of peace and right relationship, that you are here to uphold what is fair and just. You embody the archetype of the peacemaker. I want you to know that your quality of being can improve how we treat one another on this planet, that you understand something about how we are meant to see one another, how we are meant to treat one another. You look beneath physical attribute or emotional presentation to the Soul that wants to connect and you radically choose to connect with that. I want you to understand that you are here to engage with others from a wholeness, an integrity, a completeness of Self. The relationships you want to grow will only come from two souls meeting on common ground and giving gifts to one another. You know the ways of losing the self in relationship. That is no longer your journey. You can change the laws of this land. You can bring a great goodness to how we treat one another. You can wake us up to the Law of Right Relationship.

Scorpio: I want you to understand that you are a warrior. Your strength is immeasurable. Part of your strength is your sheer tenacity. You are never one to give up. You fight on. You grow through the pain. You emerge in the light. You dig deep. You get to the heart of the matter. You are not one for keeping it pleasant if there is work to do. Your greatest work is within your own self, wrestling your own darkness. Once you have done that, you are unstoppable. Once you have dared to look within and struggle with the 9 heads of the hydra, finally falling to your knees to lift that inner darkness over your head and into the light— once you have won that day, you are a true disciple, a true warrior of the spirit. The battle does not need to be complete within yourself to be of great service. As long as the process is engaged and you are not blaming the outer world for the inner strife—as long as you are consciously wrestling and overcoming — you can be a powerhouse of good in the world. No one is as loyal and true as you. No one is as committed.

Sagittarius: You are an adventurer and a visionary. I want you to understand that you are a traveller within and without. You are an embodiment of freedom. If you don’t feel that freedom, go on any journey to stand in the thick of it. You might be a philosopher and you might be an athlete. Both are freedom seekers. You are radical and optimistic in your search. Your strong legs carry you where you need to go. You have momentum and strength. When you choose, you have great AIM and a deep sense of direction. You shoot your arrows to the bull’s eye. You have a keen eye and a buoyancy that takes you to the mark. I want you to understand you are an inspiration to others. You are a preacher and a teacher. Your words uplift. Your actions inspire. Do an occasional reigning in of your wild stallion self and you’ll be good to go. The whole world is your home.

Capricorn: I want you to understand how your very being emits purpose and commitment. People stand up straighter around you because they feel your determination and steadfastness. You are the manager of managers, a leader of leaders. Do you get how strong you are and how you don’t give up? Ever? Need I tell you, not everyone is like that. You are creative in your climb and tenacious in your grip. You are wise and collected. Be careful of managing your feelings along with everything else. It makes intimacy a little tricky. You are here to reach the summit of whatever career or dharmic offering you so choose. You are here to be the best at what you do. You are here to stand atop the mountain as your best self and exquisitely and generously offer your gifts. You bring structure, clarity and intelligence to whatever you touch. Build something strong and true.

Aquarius: I want you to understand that you are a rare bird. You see Humanity as a whole and you want the best for us all. You are a natural server and a born revolutionary. You are willing, again and again, to sacrifice the needs of the personal for the greater good. It is your mission to find your soul group — to find the people with whom you feel the deepest connection in service and creativity and then go out and do good in the world. You are cutting edge and can embrace the new technological world for the connection it brings. Your eccentricity and road-less-traveled nature are your gifts. Engage the world with your out-of-this world ideas and inventions. Empower and uplift the group and encourage each member to shine, including yourself.

Pisces: You are an ocean of sensitivity. You carry great depths within you. You are a great mystery. Everything returns to you and you are a creator of synthesis. You shed tears for all of us. You wash away all that no longer serves. You have the capacity to bring closure, end a pattern or finish a cycle. When in your greatest power, you stand open and vulnerable, offering your compassion. In the face of tragedy and destruction, you stand for unconditional love. You carry the seeds of redemption for us all. Don’t slip away, hide or escape. You are the missing piece, the key to unlock the most important door. Stand in the love you are.

Big love,

Heidi Rose

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