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Each day is designed specifically for you, but is likely include these ingredients:


A deep dive into your astrological chart, including charts of loved ones you may wish to explore


Poetry to inspire, read to you by Heidi; feel free to record a voice memo as she reads


Writing prompts 


A delicious, nourishing lunch


Walk and talk (Heidi’s favorite way to dive deep)


Artistic exploration that reflects this moment in your journey; medium will vary depending on you, but could be anything from collage to writing


Poetry part II — Heidi selects poems for you based on your co-created experience during the day


Dinner on your own to digest, assimilate and rest.


An evening offering created for you which may include a few magical astrological visitors to embody different aspects of your chart.


This day is tailored uniquely to your Soul Self.
Dive deeply into your Astrological Chart.
Soften with poetry chosen just for you.
Express your Self.
Nourish your Soul.
This is a day for YOU.



Poetry, Inspiration, Guidance.

A Live, Monthly Online Gathering

Fourth Sunday of Every Month

3-4 PM Pacific Time

$5 / month subscription via Patreon

Join from anywhere via zoom. 



Let’s GATHER. 


Once a month, let’s meet on-line as a RADIANT community to grow our collective and individual light. We all need encouragement and inspiration. This is a circle that uses astrology, poetry and a big, gorgeous community to help us each take our next courageous steps.


We will gather the 4th Sunday of every month from 3-4 pm pacific time. 


This is meant to energize and inspire us for the month ahead. Join me to grow the light.


Big love.

Radiance Circle


We will meet the fourth Sunday of every month from 3-4 PM Pacific.

You will have a link to access the webinars for each gathering.


If you can't make the live stream, you can submit questions before the class.


Everyone in the community will receive a video of the class that same day.



Visit The Radiance Project on Patreon and join at the “Radiant Friend” Tier for $5/month.


All supporters will also always have access to:

  • my 10 week astrology class

  • twelve 1-hour audios about every sign of the zodiac

  • audios created by my father for ME years ago to help me learn astrology



If you’d like personal, direct access to me with your individual astrology questions— join me as a Radiant Explorer.

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