Private Astrology Session


PLEASE NOTE: next available sessions in May


One 60-minute session, one-on-one (in person or via zoom) and completely confidential, recorded and sent to you via email as a downloadable MP3 file. Includes a copy of your astrological chart.

You will have time to ask any specific questions you have about your life. Whether this is your first astrological reading ever or you are very well-versed in astrology, the scope of our work together will always be tailored to your level of understanding in this field. 


Can be given as a "gift" for friends and family.

Please schedule your session here after ordering!

Sun, Moon & Rising Snapshot


In Esoteric Astrology, the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the three most important positions.


The Rising Sign rules the Soul’s Calling or our purpose in this life. The Sun rules the personality or ‘doing’ self. And the Moon rules our subconscious or unconscious patterns of behavior. Another way of looking at these three placements is to say the Moon rules our past, the Sun rules our Present and the Rising Sign rules what we are cultivating.


This snapshot will give you a glimpse of the primary energies with which you are working.

In order for Heidi to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here after ordering.

The Radiance Circle



Once a month, let’s meet on-line as a radiant community to grow our collective and individual light. We all need encouragement and inspiration. This is a circle that uses astrology, poetry and a big, gorgeous community to help us each take our next courageous steps.


We will gather the 4th Sunday of every month from 3-4 pm pacific time. 


This is meant to energize and inspire us for the month ahead. Join me to grow the light.

details & sign up

Spend an Entire Day with Heidi


Created uniquely for your Soul Self.


Spend an entire day with me and let yourself be deeply nourished, from morning tea to an evening celebration. 


This in-person soulful deep dive will begin with a two-hour exploration of your astrological chart and will end with an astrological offering designed specifically for you. In between we will walk, create, write and I will read you poems. This day is a balm in uncertain times, offers the chance for true breakthrough, and invokes a celebration of yourself that will continue beyond our time together. We will meet in the spirit of Soul Friendship. This is a day to empower and enliven you. 

All the details are here.

Snapshot of Three Major Transits


Take a look at three major astrological transits happening in your chart this year and learn the cycles you are in so you can best use the energies available to you this year.


Perfect for a quick check-in if you want to look at your current chart, but don't need a full reading.

If you have not had a full reading, you will hugely benefit from ordering the Astrological Snapshot of your Sun, Moon and Rising first!

In order for Heidi to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here after ordering.

Hand-Painted Astrological Chart

prices vary

Custom-made by The Radiance Project producer Wyoh Lee, a personalized chart is a great gift for birthdays, baby showers, or any meaningful milestone.

Choose a color. Choose a size. Birth date, time & location needed.


Due to the personalized nature of this offering, please allow 2-3 weeks for creation. Expedited options available.​

Radiant Astrological Snapshots

A snapshot is a bite-size introduction to your astrological chart – or makes a wonderful gift for a friend. Each snapshot includes:

  • a beautiful, easy-to-read natal chart

  • a list of the position of each of the relevant planets (i.e Your Mars is in Libra in the 3rd house)

  • a personalized, downloadable 8-10 minute recording per snapshot (15-20 minutes if you opt for the bundle of all three) created by Heidi especially for you.​


Please Note:

Due to the personalized nature of these offerings, snapshots may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Snapshot Bundle



Get all three: Sun, Moon & Rising, Jupiter & Saturn, and a Transit Snapshot.

Please note that the bundle is intended for a single individual and may not be split.

In order for Heidi to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here after ordering.

Personalized Astrological Embodiment


Want to see your chart come to life? A personalized embodiment video 2-3 minutes long of your Sun, Moon & Rising created by Wyoh Lee. A perfect accompaniment to a snapshot!

See examples on Heidi's instagram TV here.

Due to the personalized nature of this offering, please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

In order for Wyoh to prepare your snapshot, please send your exact birth date, time and location here after ordering.

Ellen Fondiler and I recently launched a new service called Chart Your Career, where clients get a 60-minute astrology reading with me + a 60-minute career strategy session with Ellen. This is a great way to breathe some fresh energy into your career, feel clear about where you’re heading, and figure out your specific action steps for the upcoming year.


Astrology Reading + Career Strategy

This package includes:


  • A 60-minute astrology reading with Heidi Rose Robbins, a master astrologer with 30+ years of experience.


  • A 60-minute career strategy session career strategy session with Ellen Fondiler, an award-winning entrepreneur and career advisor. 


  • Audio recordings of both sessions

  • A follow-up email with a few extra career resources selected just for you—worksheets, podcasts, opportunities to consider, and other helpful links to help you move forward on your path.

You’ll meet with both of us online via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Not into video? We can have our conversations on the phone, if you prefer. 

Chart Your Career is a great package for you if…


- You want to understand what’s happening in your star chart right now—the big

themes in your life, the opportunities that are coming your way, and how to prepare for the upcoming year. 


- You want to breathe fresh energy into your professional life—whether it’s a job, business, volunteer project, or some other kind of vocation. 


- You love lists! You want a list of specific action steps to bring your career to the next level—steps to unlock opportunities that you want, steps to increase your income and create more abundance, and steps to help you feel more purposeful, energized, and “lit up” about your work.

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